Julian Calverley

Julian is one of the top advertising, landscape and location photographers with many years’ experience and countless industry awards. His unique ability to create striking visual identities and memorable campaigns has gained him an outstanding reputation with clients worldwide. He has been featured numerous times in Lürzer’s Archive '200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide'

Delicately balancing his control over light, colour palette and composition, Julian brings a stunning cinematic style to rural and urban landscapes and a bold yet natural feel to people and automotive work. Whether using multiple exposure, working with complex composites or capturing everything 'in-camera' his hands-on approach to planning, shooting and post-production enables him to foresee costly errors and time-saving opportunities, while maintaining creative control and direction.

Julian is what has now come to be a rare breed of commercial photographer. One with the scope of knowledge to fully manage a project, an enthusiasm for new technology and an amiable laid-back nature. Comfortable working with his own experienced crew or collaborating with a client’s pre-established team, he continues to be one of the most sought after advertising and brand photographers in the world.

His latest book, North Northwest, has won the BBD&P ‘Best British Book’ & ‘Book of the Year’